Cork University Hospital – Helipad

Cork University Hospital - Helipad
Health Service Executive
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At MMD Construction, we take pride in contributing to vital infrastructure projects that enhance community welfare. One such endeavor is our ongoing construction project at Cork University Hospital (CUH), where we are diligently working on the installation of a state-of-the-art helipad. This project epitomizes our commitment to innovation, safety, and excellence in construction.

The CUH Helipad project aims to provide a crucial lifeline for emergency medical services. As a tertiary referral hospital serving the South of Ireland, CUH plays a pivotal role in providing specialised healthcare services to a large population. The addition of a helipad will significantly improve the hospital’s ability to receive critically ill patients swiftly, particularly those requiring urgent air transportation.

The completion of the CUH Helipad will have far-reaching benefits for the community. By facilitating rapid access to specialised medical care, especially in critical situations, the helipad will undoubtedly save lives and improve patient outcomes. Additionally, it underscores CUH’s commitment to enhancing healthcare services and emergency response capabilities in the region.