We are committed to being a responsible company. This means that we conduct our activities in accordance with the applicable ethical, professional and legal standards. We ensure that we are a socially and environmentally responsible business and our business principles are derived from our strategic agenda and form the basis for managing the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For us, corporate responsibility is about showing a commitment to the world around us. We are committed to using our resources to make a positive contribution through our CSR programme, and we aim to inspire and facilitate our people to contribute positively to our society and create a sustainable business future.

We recognise our responsibility for the social impact we have on communities, and our CSR programme is integral to what we do. The desire to give something back is a particularly strong feature of our people and our company supports a variety of projects to help others.

We work closely with our employees, clients, supply chain, community and end users on all aspects of CSR. We seek to achieve a balance between the short and the long term interests, and to make economic, environmental and social considerations an integral part of our strategic decision-making. We aim for open dialogue with the parties that will be affected by our activities and we communicate in a timely and effective way with our stakeholders.


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