Construction technology is evolving at a considerable pace and over the last number of years MMD Construction has embraced this change and are promoting the application of new technologies and methodologies to our already vast experience in construction, to be at the forefront of our industry. MMD Construction are continuing to move away from traditional industry practices, of producing multiple and independent paper-based documents i.e. 2D drawings, schedules, specifications, and reports, that describe what a building is, how it is to be constructed and operated.


We are working towards creating “virtual buildings” – digital information models constructed in software, from objects that represent their real-life counterparts – objects that are containers of digital information that can easily be managed and shared between all stakeholders.


On a daily basis we use technology to improve the workflows, communication and processes, in an industry that is traditionally very fragmented, by producing, managing and exchanging information in better ways. Designs and solutions to problems can be explored, communicated, reviewed and resolved as much as possible, in this virtual 3D environment, before committing expensive labour and material to the real-life project on site, significantly reducing waste, abortive re-work, duplication of effort, delays, cost overruns, adversarial administration and disputes.


By being able to quickly change and analyse multiple iterations of models, our Site Management teams can find optimal solutions, that will improve the construction, performance and ultimately the running costs of buildings.

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