St. Mary’s Primary Care Centre

St. Mary's Primary Care Centre
Health Service Executive
Area of Expertise

This project involved the demolition of two existing single-storey hospital ward blocks, the construction of a new three-storey Primary Care Centre, the construction of a new surface car park and a substantial revision of the layout to the main entrance to the facility. All of the works were completed while keeping the existing facilities live and open to the public.

MMD Construction was the main Contractor and the Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) for the works at St. Mary’s Primary Care Centre. As PSCS, MMD Construction had the responsibility of managing and coordinating all health and safety matters during the works. All works were completed in accordance with the contract documents and complied with all statutory requirements including the Building Control Regulations and the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations.

The works took place on a busy live hospital campus in an urban setting, therefore the MMD Construction Site Management Team liaised very closely with the Campus Management Team and local residents to ensure that the works would not interfere with any hospital activities. Certain types of construction activities can result in increased incidences of invasive aspergillosis in vulnerable patients, therefore strict aspergillus control measures were put in place for the duration of the works. Stakeholder and Traffic Management Plans were approved prior to any works commencing and were used throughout the project.