Capwell Bus Station

Capwell Bus Station
Bus Eireann
Area of Expertise

Works at Capwell Bus Station consisted of;

  • Demolition and removal of an existing fuelling building totalling 152m2.
  • Provision of new steel framed, cladded fuelling building to provide a two lane, drive-through facility for buses.
  • The demolition and replacement of diesel tankage and the provision of a new natural gas
  • The demolition of existing heating oil tank and bund.
  • Reconfiguration and alterations to entrance area including partial demolition and reconstruction of a limestone boundary wall and concrete ground slab, raised traffic islands, road markings and signage.
  • Modifications and additions to existing surface water drainage network.
  • Construction of a new security building
  • Upgrade of the existing site including;
    • Partial replacement of existing ground slab
    • Provision of new walkways
    • Road markings for designated walkways, bus and car parking and directional arrows
    • External lighting


Careful consideration was given to the management of the contaminated waste removed from the site. All construction and demolition waste was carefully segregated and disposed of to a licenced waste facility.