Cork University Hospital – Demolition & Enabling Works

Cork University Hospital - Demolition & Enabling Works
Cork University Hospital
Area of Expertise

The CUH Demolition and Enabling Works project located in the outskirts of Cork City included the demolition of a substantial 2000m2 Adult Mental Health Building containing asbestos material. The project was carried out on the very busy live CUH campus. Cormac’s role on the project was as Contracts Manager and PSCS, Cormac oversaw the following work activities;

  • Demolition of the Adult Mental Health Building totalling 2000m². The demolitions included the removal of all concrete foundations and the storm and foul drainage associated with the building, and part demolition of an existing pedestrian link corridor connecting the AMHB to the hospital.
  • The Adult Mental Health Building contained asbestos material which was removed and disposed of carefully off site.
  • Disconnection and removal of general building mechanical and electrical services.
  • Relocation and diversion of multiple underground services including drainage, watermain, gas main and telecoms.
  • New underground gas supply pipework.
  • Excavation of embankment and erection of a large retaining wall for new generator compound.
  • Provision of aspergillus protection measures as required to facilitate the enabling works.
  • Provision of permanent solid hoarding constructed around the perimeter of the site.