Old Head Signal Tower

Old Head Signal Tower
Courcey's Rural Development
Area of Expertise

The Old Head Signal Tower is just over 200 years old. It was built during the Napoleonic wars in response to the threat of a French invasion. There were 81 such towers with line-of-sight visibility from one to the next. MMD Construction was the main contractor and also the Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) for its renovation works. Being the PSCS saw MMD Construction having the responsibility to manage and co-ordinate all health and safety matters during the works.

Works to the Tower:

– Prior to commencement all slates and loose stonework & brickwork was labelled and carefully removed and stored section by section

– Reduce the level of the ground floor

– The repair of the stonework and rebuilding where necessary areas of the parapet wall, machicolation and bartizans where the mortar bedding had perished

– The removal of all weed growth and the spraying of all biological growth with approved biocide

– Filling all holes and replacing of missing stones with matching stones laid in a lime/sand mortar bedding internally and externally

– Filling of all cracks, reinforcing with patent stainless steel reinforcing bars

– Damp proof treatment which was compatible with the historic fabric

– Rebuilding of the chimney in red handmade brickwork to match the existing

– The external walls of the signal tower were finished in slate hanging to match the original. The slates were fixed with 30mm ring shank 304 stainless steel roofing nails and stainless steel pin hooks



– Breaking out of an opening to the public road

– Removal of all outcrops of rock, debris etc.

– Stripping of all vegetable soil under the paths, car park and coach park, the reducing or building up levels.

– Re-laying of top soil

– Laying of pipework for drainage and ducts for all other services

– Erection of all fencing and the planting of grass seed

– Rebuilding of 10 linear metres of stone bank to match the existing with selected limestone not less than 450 x 450 x 150mm lined on both sides.