FOTA Wildlife Park Education Centre

FOTA Wildlife Park Education Centre
FOTA Wildlife Park
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This project consists of the demolition of a part of an existing timber frame educational complex building. Following the demolition works, a new extension to the existing building will be constructed. It is anticipated that new centre will attract around 30,000 Leaving and Junior Certificate students each year, instilling knowledge among upcoming generations about the vital need for increasing the sustainability of the planet’s diverse wildlife.

The works will consist of;

a) A new 2 storey block on the western side, to accommodate education centre staff and research staff, together with students and graduates on work placement, and also to
include a plant room

b) A single storey block on the southern side, consisting of 1 new class rooms and a meeting room

c) A single storey entrance hall constructed of glulam incorporating reception area and exhibition area

d) A lecture theatre on the eastern side suitable for approx. 300 persons which is subdivided into 2 classrooms

e) Upgrading the remaining part of the existing building structure to include replacement of external roof and wall cladding in order to improve energy efficiency and also to include the installation of roof lights

f) constructing an open-air plaza with fixed canvas awning structure

g) installation of an array of solar PV panels on the roof of the western 2 storey block and also on the roof of the eastern lecture theatre

j) all associated site works including building services, access road and landscaping