Cork City Northwest Regeneration

Cork City Northwest Regeneration
Cork City Council
Area of Expertise

At MMD Construction, we take immense pride in our ongoing collaboration with Cork City Council in the construction of the Cork City Northwest Housing Development. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and community development.

The Cork City Northwest Housing Development is a significant initiative aimed at addressing the pressing need for affordable and sustainable housing within the Cork community. Comprising modern residential units, green spaces, and essential amenities, this development embodies our vision for creating vibrant and inclusive neighborhoods.

The development includes the building of 79 units with a mixture of 2,3 and 4 bed units. Both phases require the construction of significant new infrastructure, along with the upgrading and redirecting of existing roads and services infrastructure in line with the CNWQR Masterplan.

Phase 1C comprises 41 residential units. The proposed development consists of:
• 19 no. 3-bed, 3-storey houses (Unit Type A)
• 5 no. 3-bed, 2-storey houses (Unit Type B)
• 5 corner blocks consisting of 3 no. 2-bed apartments, 15 units in total (Unit Type C)
• 1 corner block consisting of 1 no. 4-bed 3-storey house and 1 no. 3-bed 3-storey house (Unit Type D)

Phase 2B comprises 38 residential units. The proposed development comprises:
• 11 no. 3- bed, 3-storey houses (Unit Type A)
• 6 no. 3- bed, 2-storey houses (Unit Types B and E)
• 1 three storey corner block consisting of 3 no. 2- bed apartments (Unit Type C)
• 2 corner blocks consisting of 1 no. 4 bed three storey house, and 1 no. 3 bed and 3-storey house – 4 houses total (Unit Type D)
• 1 corner block consisting of 3 no. 2-bed three storey apartments, and 2 no. two bed 2-storey apartments (Unit Type H)
• 1 no. 3-storey block consisting of 6 no. two bed duplexes over
3 no. 2-bed ground floor apartments (Unit Types F and G)